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Christmas Is Coming: It’s Time To Save Some Cash

Somehow, those festive adverts are back on your screen, and Christmas is literally around the corner. For many young couples, it can be a challenge to reign-in your finances and keep track of your spending, especially when you might be trying to impress your soon-to-be in-laws. By the time you get to January; you’ll know that you overspent, but you might not be sure what you’ve bought, and why everything cost so much. Therefore, it’s worth putting some time and effort into getting a little cash-savvy, and focusing on saving money where you can, with a little planning and preparation.

It’s not about becoming the Grinch over the festive season; however, there’s nothing wrong with making wise financial decisions regarding what and where you spend, and how to make a little extra here and there. If you do it right; nobody in your family will even notice that you’ve made an effort to cut back and pocket the savings, but your wallet and bank balance will be extremely grateful. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice for those who want to save their money during November and December, but still want to enjoy the time with their loved-ones and have a very happy Christmas.

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Do You Really Need It?

Forget spring cleang, Christmas is the perfect time to have a good old clear-out. You’re bound to have an array of items that you don’t use or want anymore, and that someone else would be grateful to buy. Therefore, make the most of the internet so that you can easily and quickly sell your motorbike to fund your new one in the new year, or maybe you’re after a new party season wardrobe; there’s plenty of online auctions and apps that will help you sell you clothes. Now’s the time to be ruthless, you won’t miss it the day day it’s gone to its new home, but you’ll appreciate the extra income as a result.

Do They Really Need It?

The cost of Christmas gifts is probably one of your biggest extra-expenses over the festive season. Therefore, it’s worth working out a set budget for each person, and really sticking to it; better yet, paying less than expected and saving the excess. Wrapping paper and cards can also add up to a lump sum; if you haven’t already, utilise the January sales to stock up of greetings cards and paper so that you never pay full price in the future. Check the loft for any from last year that could be used, and don’t overspend on things that are only going in the recycling bin.

Do You Really Mean It?

Decorations, food, and drink will be next on the list of things you’ll be forking out for over Christmas; however, it’s the thought that counts the most. Therefore, it’s worth putting some time into using what you already have, or investing in some affordable elements, to create things yourself, at home. Homemade decorations will always look festive and unique. The same goes for food and drinks; it can be so expensive buying ready-made edible items, so try and make as much as possible using ingredients in your cupboards and get baking from scratch. The homemade approach will always go down well will friends and family, and perhaps if you’re feeling crafty; homemade gifts is something you can consider too.