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4 Tricks For Dealing With A Dodgy Landlord

House prices are at an all time high and there is a wide gap between wages and the cost of living so more and more people are renting instead of buying their own property. Most people are doing this out of necessity but there are actually a lot of benefits to renting rather than buying. You don’t need to deal with maintenance costs and you’ve got more freedom to move easily if you need to. However, you only get those benefits if your landlord is an honest one. Most of them are but there are still a lot of cowboys out there that are taking advantage of people’s need to rent. The media is filled with stories of badly maintained properties, hidden charges and tiny properties that cost extortionate amounts. If you end up with a dodgy landlord, it can put you in a really bad situation, but there are things that you can do. Here’s how you can deal with a bad landlord.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

When you’re looking at properties, you need to look for the tell-tale signs of a tricky landlord. If you notice any damage to the property, ask for a solid answer about whether it will be fixed before you move in. Speak to them about repairs and find out what the process is, are they going to handle it themselves or do they have a property management company to do it for them? If they try to evade these questions and they don’t give you a straight answer, that’s a red flag and you shouldn’t rent a property from them.

It’s also worth asking them if they can put you in touch with any of their previous tenants so you can ask them about their experience. It’s not a good sign if they’re reluctant to do that because it probably means that they’ve got something to hide.

Always Read The Contract Properly

Some landlords like to add hidden charges and fines to the contract to catch out tenants and bleed them dry. The problem is, if it’s in the contract, you can’t really do much about it because you signed it. That’s why it’s essential that you read the contract from start to finish before you sign anything.

Seek Legal Help

Even if you take care choosing a landlord, you could still end up with a bad one because you can’t always tell. If there are repairs that need doing and your landlord isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, you might need to seek legal help from tenant solicitors who can help you fight your case. They’ll also be able to help you in situations where the landlord is unfairly withholding a deposit after you move out.

Have An Exit Strategy

A lot of tenants end up stuck with a bad landlord because they don’t have a good exit strategy. Finding a new place is tough because you need to raise the money for a deposit and the first months rent, which is hard when you’re already paying out a big portion of your income for rent on your current place. That’s why it’s always a good idea to save up and keep the money aside so if you run into problems, you can move out straight away.

Until the laws change and tenants are afforded more protection, bad landlords are something that you need to be prepared for.