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Why Content Marketing Will Be Important in the Coming Years

When we talk about marketing trends, we often only talk about processes that could last the next year or a few months. However, content marketing is a relatively new strategy that will last for many years and become an integral part of any online business’s growth plan. This is because content marketing revolves around the consumer, not some arbitrary guidelines and algorithms.

Focusing your content on consumers means that you’re creating white hat SEO, something that digital marketers have been utilising for a long time. It essentially means organic optimisation that occurs when your content is actually interesting, not just algorithmically pleasing. To help you understand content marketing, we’re going to explain exactly why it will be important for the next decade or more and why you should set your sights on utilising it.

What exactly is content marketing?

Let’s start with a simple definition of what content marketing is. It’s essentially a strategy that focuses on producing, publishing and distributing content that targets your intended audience in order to generate new traffic to your business.

Examples could be blog posts, social media interactions, eBooks, videos on YouTube or even interactive apps on your smartphone. Anything that offers your audience content can be considered a form of content marketing as long as it links back in some way to your business and the products that you offer to drive sales.

Content marketing helps to build brand awareness

One of the biggest reasons why startups fail is because they’re not building enough brand awareness. Even if they have an amazing product or service, it’s worth nothing if the brand behind it fails to market it. Content marketing helps to organically build brand awareness through the content that you produce.

Content marketing makes your business reliable

A manufacturing company that is transparent about their processes and posts blogs about it is going to be infinitely more reliable and trustworthy than a shady manufacturing company that obscures every detail. The more content you create, the more reliable you’ll seem in the eyes of consumers.

Content marketing is organic growth

Many companies utilise black-hat strategies that could potentially blacklist their business. Spamming backlinks and purchasing sponsorships not only forces your brand into the consumer’s vision but in a way that is ugly, unappreciated and often ignored. When you create content that is actually worth reading, watching or interacting with, you create opportunities for organic growth.

Content marketing has better conversion rates

Because your content is worth your consumer’s time, it means that there’s a higher chance of actually making a sale when they relate it back to your business. Your audience will be made aware of your brand through content marketing and your content should hopefully have a positive impact on their purchase decision, meaning improved conversion rates and more leads.

Content marketing is easy to share

Most content marketing such as blog posts and videos can be shared instantly across social media, meaning it’s very easy to grow your brand through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.