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Tips to Save on Traffic Tickets

Getting pulled over for a traffic violation can often ruin a good day. The moment you are pulled over after violating a traffic law, you are sure of getting a ticket. This can be an additional cost to your personal budget and can be a hustle if you require going to court. But you can live stress-free by following these four tips that will help you in saving on traffic tickets.

  1. Stick to the Rules

The simplest way to avoid traffic tickets is to follow traffic rules. This way, you will not incur the unnecessary ticket costs. Be sure to wear your seat belt, be attentive to the road rules, take the rules seriously, avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, don’t use your phone as you drive, and more. Moreover, a traffic ticket is not as severe as a road accident, which can happen if you violate the road rules.

  1. Show Politeness

In case you are pulled over, attempt understanding that the trooper or the police is doing their job. Similar to many other jobs, police officers exercise some discretion. Most of the times, if you are being stopped for a violation, it is likely you will be given a ticket. But there is a slight chance that you can escape the violation by being courteous and polite to the trooper. However, if you are angry and rude, there is a high likelihood that you will be given a ticket. But if you feel that being pulled over was a mistake, it does not mean that you admit to a mistaken violation. Be sure to communicate in a manner that reveals courtesy and respect.

  1. Show Up to Court

There are some instances where going to court is not sensible. For example, if you are given a pre-payable ticket, just pre-pay if going to court will cost you money. A pre-payable ticket is a non-moving violation that has a low fine and carries zero points on the license. But in any other situation, be sure to go to court. This offers you the opportunity to prove to the judge that you are taking the violation seriously. Sometimes, the judge can even give you a break for going to court. Additionally, dress well and be courteous to the judge.

  1. Acknowledge Responsibility

If you know you committed the charged violation and you have not hired a lawyer, be honest. Say you are sorry, offer evidence of a great driving record, and show that you have taken the ticket seriously. If you were given a ticket for over speeding, go to a local auto shop to have your speedometer calibrated. In case the speedometer is incorrect, this could assist you in court. However, never admit fault for a violation you know you did not commit. If you feel you need a lawyer to help with a mistaken violation, be sure to contact Marsh Blom. They are experts in the field.


With these tips, you can be sure to avoid breaking traffic laws and getting a ticket. However, in case you get a ticket, you are also sure to handle the violation appropriately.