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About the Author

Blog Author Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller, the person behind the Complete Personal Finance blog, has a broad background in finance. As a University of Pennsylvania undergrad, he started working in financial consulting, helping families manage their accounts and investments. Joseph has assisted hundreds of people around the US, being among the first ones to introduce financial help in the online medium. He has polished his economics and business skills at Columbia University, graduating in his class’s top students with an MBA. Besides practicing consulting, Miller is working on the Complete Personal Finance blog to improve families’ economic stability through regular investment tips.

Joseph Miller finds the inspiration for the posts from real-life cases he has dealt with, which he believes are common for most Americans. He combines all his experience into one article, focusing on each specific issue. At the same time, Joseph provides understandable insights into today’s financial matters for the readers to always be up-to-date in economic novelties.

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